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The cost to repair your laptop?

As an IT Technician and network engineer, I charge people I know nearly 40 pounds an hour. Most laptops I see take at least a couple of hours.

If you have a screen problem, then you have significant addittional costs too. It might only take 30 mins to change the screen (if that), but I have to source the thing (a week if you want it cheap), and they are pricy too. Anywhere from 70 to 150 pounds for that alone.

Is they laptop fast enough too? Is it DDR2 min, 100GB+ hard disk? It might simply be time to upgrade.

New laptops are under 300 pounds now.

So is your laptop worth nearly that? If not, upgrade, if so, consider spending the money.


EDIT: If you use a 'Recovery Mode', you may lose all your installed programs, and at worst the data too. I actually REPAIR the installations, which is why you want to take it to a PC repair shop with strict instructions on what you expect for your money.
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