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  1. AMC programming returns to Dish with lawsuit settlement

    Dish customers will get their AMC programming back beginning tonight as part of a $700 million settlement.
  2. Hey, Obama, Romney, there's a lot of U.S. stuff in the iPhone 5

    U.S. brands populate the inside of the iPhone. That tends to get overlooked in debates short on nuance.
  3. Microsoft Surface tablet back-ordered as new iPad looms

    Do we have a Microsoft-Apple rumble on our hands? Looks that way with the Surface tablet on back order a few days before the expected iPad Mini arrives.
  4. Google considers mobile patent antitrust settlement, report says

    The search giant is deciding whether it should settle with the FTC over the agency's claim that Google refused to grant industry-standard patents to rivals, says a report.
  5. Facebook VP says the company is finally focused on mobile

    The social network turns its attention from desktop to mobile. At a confab in Silicon Valley, VP Vaughan Smith reassures developers and talks about what Facebook has done to make the switch.
    Facebook quietly phases out FB Questions