Computer Training

Computer Training

Whether you are new to the computer, returning for review or just want to gain more 21st century skills, our  computer training programs can help. From Computer Basics to Microsoft Office to Apple, we have a wide range of technology programs to choose from.
  • Computer Basics
  • Internet Basics
  • Email Basics
  • Social Media
  • Mouse Tutorial
  • Google
  • Google Drive and Docs
  • Apple
  • iPad Basics
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion
  • Microsoft
  • Windows 8
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks
    Information Savvy
Our training courses include foundation courses in ICT for beginners and provides continuous education that leads to advanced courses to form a career in ICT. The training is also perfectly designed to equip delegates with abundant skills to pass and obtain any globally recognised certifications in the industry at one time. Individuals can begin a career in ICT through our training program.

ICT is continuously changing with emerging technologies, and organisations need to provide their employees with training throughout their career in ICT to stay ahead of competition.

Our goal is to ensure that your new and existing employee learn what they need to know in ICT to make their job easier and allow them to be more productive.

Our courses are reinforced with videos, exams, lectures, theory, labs, tools, tips and advice to impact skill or to pass certification exams.

Our instructors are highly certified, and have years of experience including field works.
Max Depree, in partnership with best global IT trainning institutions, offers cost-effective educational and training programs in ICT. We can reinforce companies competitive position with courses and workshops that encompass a wide range of topics to keep pace with emerging technology. We continually enhance our courseware and develop new offering so that you can benefit to the fullest.

Our flexible offerings help you make the most of your training investment. You can choose from classes at our training facilities presently in Lagos or Abuja. Many classes can also be brought directly to your site at a cost-effective alternative when you have a group of professionals who wish to customize any course to meet your specific needs - a practical option for unique technical circumstances.

We offer a large number of ICT training courses delivered presently at our training centers.

We currently offer 20% discount on all our course prices 
Training Courses:

Foundation Courses Training Our general ICT training courses include introductory courses for beginners who have interest in ICT or starting a career in ICT. The courses are cross-platform and provide solid, in-depth knowledge in general, and also serve as prerequisites for certifications, with little further study.  

CompTIA Training We offer  CompTIA training courses for interested employees as a starting point for a career in IT.  Earning a CompTIA certification not only proves you have the right skills, but also the dedication and commitment to your career to continue learning.
Other course categories includes:
    Cisco Training Courses
    Fiber Optic Courses
    Wireless Networking Training
    Oracle Database Training Coursess
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008
    Microsoft Exchage Server Training
and many more.