Technical training typically includes basic skills for new recruits such as programming language skills, OS principles, SE principles and specific technology expertise related to various technology areas. Along with technical training, we also provide a comprehensive certification program where employees can choose from a multitude of technology areas. Behavioural training includes soft skills development sessions for the employees. These workshops include training in leadership skills, customer delight, communication skills, time management, creativity and innovation, team building exercises etc.
It is also very important that our employees have a domain understanding of the business areas we work in. In this regard, we focus on training programs leading to certification.
We also have a robust e-learning platform titled ‘PRO-FLEX’ for our growing and global workforce. Employees across the globe are able to access this system and undertake training in a variety of subjects at their own time and pace. They can also participate in assessments of their capabilities online.

Training Consultancy

Training Consultancy 
We offer bespoke training consultancy, management training and professional development services. We take time to understand your exact training and development needs and then match these to our  experiences and skills. With your specific brief in mind, we will then offer you a personalised training consultancy service that will exceed your expectations and comfortably fit your organisation's culture, timescales and budget.
So whether you need help in developing the right training strategy to equip you with the talent and skills necessary to be successful in today's business market; need staff surveys conducted to reveal training needs or motivational issues; or require additional resources in HR and Training with specific in-house projects, we can be of real service to you.
Listed below are some examples of the training consultancy services and products we can offer you.

In-House Training Surveys

We produce in-company surveys to more thoroughly understand your organisation's training needs. After an initial discussion with you to understand your specific requirements, we will design a customised survey and provide you with the analysis, reporting and feedback service that helps you measure the business or training need. So whether you wish to address motivational issues within your workforce, canvass employee opinions, identify specific skills gaps or evaluate the return on investment from a training programme, we can help you.

Training Strategy

We offer a consultancy service that can help you to develop the best training strategy that will meet the real needs of your business in a truly integrated manner. We can also help and advise how best to plan, implement and evaluate a training and development intervention that you are starting to ensure that you achieve the best results in the most cost and time effective way