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Use DSTV Decoder for Internet Modem

FAST INTERNET VIA HITV, DSTV, CTL DECODERS AS MODEM(IT'S SIMPLE AND VERY FAST Cable TV uses what is known as a broadbandnetwork, meaning the bandwidth of the connection is split to simultaneously carry man signals at different frequencies, for data networking(internet access) purposese, cablesystem typically allocatess one channel worth of bandwidth which i use to access the net. That means you can Convert your HITV, DSTV, CTL, MYSPACE etc decoder to a modem to access the internet. You can also connect your laptops and desktops to browse the internet at a speed of between 6mbps and 8Mbps, over 100 times that of the fastest dial up modem connection (e. g starcomms, multilinks, zoom mobile, visafone etc). It is very easy. You can network between 2 and 4 systems to one decoder which you can do using a LINKSYS router. it does not affect your watching of satellite TV stations when you are browsing. I have been using it for the fast 7 months. The advantages of using ur cable decoder to access the net are enormous, some of the advantages I will state below: 1. Internet access & Cable Tv access charges are taken care of in your monthly subscription payments. i. e the amount you pay for the satellite stations you watch covers theamount for internet access. 2. The speed of the internet is fast. 3. The internet access does not interfere withthe different cable television channels, that is you can be watching a sattelite station and be browsing the internet with your computer or laptop simultaneously. 4. You can network between two and four system (PC) or laptops for maximum speed and effectiveness. 5. You can make ends meet from connecting for others and you don't need to be a guru toknow how to configure the Your laptop or desk to to access cable internet. Like I said before, I have been using this service for some time now using my HITV decoder and still pay my normal monthly subscription of six thousand naira (this was four thousand naira before HITV got the rightto start showing champions league this year). I have compiled a teach yourself manual with pictures and diagram on how I connected my HITV decoder to enable me access the internet. The pattern of connection is the same for HITV, DSTV, MYSPACE decoders but a little bit different for that of CTL decoders, all are in the manual
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