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How to delete a program in Command Prompt or DOS?

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I have a program that says it was not installed correctly and needs to be reinstalled. Well I am running Vista Ultimate and have gone to the control panel and tried but it continues to not give me an option weather I can change or delete it. I tried manually deleting it but it still is registered when I tried to reinstall it. So I am stuck. I would like to either go into command prompt or dos and just delete for good but I don't know how. Help?

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Start > Run > cmd.exe

In the Command Prompt window,

cd %programfiles%

with the % signs. then type 'dir /p' (no quotes) for a list of directories. When you find the one you're looking for (it may be under a different name, like the app designer instead of the program name)

rd /s "directory name"

(e.g., rd /s "Mozilla Firefox" ).and hit 'y' to confirm. Make sure it's the right one- there's no easy 'undelete'/recycle bin if it's wrong.

You may also want to remove any application data that may exist.

cd %appdata%

then do the same, dir /p to find the right directory (this one should be the application name), then rd /s "directory name".


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