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5 Features to Save You Time Online

Internet browsers allow you to surf the internet, view images, listen to audio clips, play games and more. The best browsers not only allow you to access websites with superb speed, but they also offer many features to secure your personal information, provide a user-friendly experience and place limitations on the content being viewed. With the right internet browser, you can save yourself a significant amount of time by utilizing features that prevent crashed websites, extra steps and unwanted ads.
The following five web-browser features will save you time and the frustration of an uncooperative internet experience.
Automatic updates
Using a web browser that offers automatic updates may be an afterthought. You may think there are many more important features to look for in a web browser than automatic updates. However, this tool can save you time and can be a means of relieving a significant amount of stress. When your internet browser updates, it corrects many security and performance flaws. A browser without the proper updates can be vulnerable to malicious threats that attempt to access your information, frequent crashed webpages and slower speeds.
Automatic updates mean you don't have to do a thing. Your browser will fix all issues without wasting any of your time. For web browsers that don't have this capability, you could spend much of your precious time looking and installing updates. Also, if you let your web browser become too outdated, it could cause more problems and encounter even more issues that need to be fixed.
Tabbed Browsing
Tabbed browsing may seem like an obvious feature to have in a web browser. This feature can save you time by directing you to existing tabs if you open the same webpage twice, reopening tabs that were accidently closed, and letting you open a large number of tabs simultaneously. It also makes it possible to easily organize the webpages you view. Many browsers allow you to customize your tabs as a way to quickly and easily access your information. Some web browsers provide drag-and-drop capabilities that allow you to rearrange your tabs effortlessly.
Mouse Gestures
Mouse gestures have become one of the more popular timesaving tricks available when it comes to surfing the web. Mouse gestures are similar to keyboard gestures, but the commands differ depending on how you click and move the mouse. Some possible mouse gestures include selecting the Google search box, scrolling down a screen, opening a new tab, closing a current tab and more. Unfortunately, mouse gestures are only available on select web browsers. If you have this feature available to you, it can make navigating around your browser much faster.

Nobody wants to deal with malware and other threats on their computer. Sandboxing is a security tool that protects your computer from malicious threats that hide on the web. It is simply another layer of protection against possible threats that could cause damage to your computer or steal your personal information. This feature can help you avoid spending long hours removing malicious threats or saving your identity. A sandbox is available on a select few internet browsers.
Pop-Up Blocker
Pop-up ads are not only annoying, but they are also a waste of time if you have to keep removing one right after another. Many pop-up blockers allow you to eliminate all pop-up adds completely or choose a number of sites where pop-ups could appear. Pop-up ads can serve a purpose, but if you are already in a rush and a pop-up ad appears, it can cause a lot of frustration and be very irritating.
There are many features available from web browsers that can make your online experience more enjoyable and much more efficient. By using the right internet browser and the right features, you can save yourself time online and have a much more user-friendly experience.
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