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Most Expensive Laptops In 2013

There are many such people who sometimes get a window shopping look over some stylish and good-looking laptop and often wish that they could also get the same laptop. Every year and even after few months there are numerous wide varieties of companies that grabs the attention of maximum million of people just by their smart laptops. Every laptop used to have the same shape and design and you might sometimes wonder that why they are so expensive and why there cost rates are getting so highest flying with the passage of time. Well there is also the treasure of latest technologies and features that are filled into the laptop. These features make the laptop more superior and enhancing in the eyes of others and as the people become desperate for the laptop its rates starts touching the sky limits. Every year top ten ranking schedule is prearranged regarding dissimilar things in the whole world so in the same way we group down the ranking of top ten expensive laptops’ in 2013. Well this ranking would certainly help all the laptop lovers to get the highest cost laptops for themselves. Let us take on the long drive of technology world and make you introduce with some of the worth cost laptops of 2013.
1.      Luvaglio:
Luvaglio is the top one expensive laptop in 2012. The actual cost of this laptop is approximately $1 million. The outer structural body of the laptop is quite impressive and gorgeous and this designing surely made it the costly ones as well. Now after viewing the value you would might be thinking that what so special about this laptop? Well this laptop is covered with an LED screen that is 17 inches long. It is filled with such a reflexive system that makes the images even brighter and glowing. It has capacity of storing up to 128 GB items and applications it. On the power button a diamond has been placed that can also be utilized as for the security purposes as well. This facility makes this laptop as the most desirable and yet the favorite ones among the people.

2.      Tulip E-go Diamond:
On the second ranking we have the most expensive and yet the utmost wish out laptop as Tulip E-go Diamond. This laptop cost around $335,000 that is also counted as 2 cores. Well this price level is certainly well suitable because when we look upon its body then we surely stops blinking because it comprises a gold place on the outer shell and a chrome chasing along with the diamond piece. Additionally, as regard the applications are concerned then it normally involves the 160 GB capability of storage, hard disk service, DVD facility, webcam camera and Bluetooth as well. These features and qualities add this laptop on among the second most cost laptops in 2013.

3.      Ego for Bentley:
                           On third number we include the Ego for Bentley laptop. As the name of the laptop is strange in itself in the same way its features are also unusually classic. The real price of this laptop is about $20,000. This laptop is just intended for the girls and women use. Its coating is accessible in ten different colors that can be chosen according to own style statement. The surroundings four sides of the laptop are covered with the white silver materials that gave a stunning look to the laptop. The size of the screen is about 12 inches that accompanies the resolution of 1280/800 pixels. It also involves a DVD along with the webcam camera. Furthermore, it includes the 3 GB storage and 3 USB port choices as well. In simple words, the body of the laptop has made it the beautiful and the valuable ones as ones.

4.      VOODOO ENVY H-171:
Voodoo Envy is the fourth most expensive laptops in 2012 with the price of about $8,500. It is said to be one of the highest sale laptops in the whole world. If you love playing the games on the laptop then there could be no more best choice than the Voodoo Envy laptops. It has a 17 inch wide screen with the highest resolution of 1920/1200 pixels. It includes one card reader, 250 GB hard drive facility, webcam camera and bright colors as well.

5.      Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS:
Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS is the fifth expensive laptops in 2012. This laptop has been loved by the majority of the public because of its highly supreme double screen facility and the appearance of Excel and CAD programs that make it costly for the people. It cost for about $ 5,100. Its screen is approximately 17 inches long and often provides with dark color contrasts. This laptop has been introduced in cooperation with the Intel that is counted amongst the biggest technology companies in the world. It has all the salient and prominent features that should be accompanied in every single expensive laptop. But on the other hand these laptops are just filled with one disadvantage that is its low weight and less battery timings that often disturbs the maximum people.

6.      Rock Xtreme SL8:
On the sixth number we come to meet the Rock Xtreme SL8. The actual price of this laptop is around $5,500. This laptop is also considered to be the fastest laptop as well. It comprises the screen size of about 17 inches that offers the pixels about 1920/1200. The weight of this laptop is about 5.3 kg. Additionally, this laptop can be the additional and just the ideal choice for such people who love to play heavy games. If you are fond of games then don’t forget to consider the Rock Xtreme SL8 laptop now.

7.      Toshiba Qosmio X770:
On the seventh ranking we welcome the Toshiba Qosmio X770. This laptop cost around $3,500. This laptop is just known for its ever increasing enhanced facilities that certainly make this laptop competitive for other laptops. It consist the core processor and 3D graphics facilities. The screen size of Toshiba Qosmio is 17.3 inches and it provides the pixels capacity of about 1920/1080. This laptop is surely the best option for the gaming and has even become the strong competition for such laptops that also serves with the gaming zones.

8.      Dell M6400:
On the eight ranking we have the Dell M6400. This laptop is highlighted by a famous and well established technology company named as “Dell”. The actual market price of this laptop is $3,000. It has been covered with the storage capacity of approximately 16 B. It is covered with the 17 inch screen length that offers the pixels magnitude of about 1920/1200. This screen size is the largest screen capability that has been ever introduced by any laptop company.

 9.      Acer Ferrari 1100:
On the ninth ranking we come across to the Acer Ferrari 1100. As the Ferrari car is worldwide famous in itself in the same way this laptop is also listed amongst the expensive and costly laptops in 2012. The real rates of this laptop is about $3,000 that involves around the 3GB and hard drive services that certainly made it expensive for the people. The screen size of Acre Ferrari is about 12.1 inches with the combination of 1280/800 pixels. Moreover, this laptop can just support the Windows Vista Operating system and doesn’t work on any other windows. The outer and inner structure of the laptop has been designed with the solid material substances that make the whole model even more attractive and trendy looking.

10.  AlienWare Area 51:
 Finally we reached on our last destination of top ten most expensive laptops of 2012 and it ends with the AlienWare Area 51. The actual cost of this laptop is about $ 5,000 that is filled with the stunning looking had drive. What’s more, it has the capacity of about 32 GB and the RAM can take hold over the 256 MB. Furthermore, the screen is approximately 15.4 inches long and has an Intel Core processor. This laptop is just filled with least features and applications therefore as being expensive it is still rated on the tenth ranking in the top ten most expensive laptops in 2012.

On the whole after the brief discussion it is revealed that although all such laptops are expensive and extreme costly for the people but they are also covered with such striking and enhanced applications and features that have certainly made it attention grabbing for the people. Well at the end if you want that the expensive laptops in the whole world should rule over your laps then don’t forget to look over all such laptops and we are sure that you will fall in love with them. We hope that you would enjoy the ride. Next year once again a new ranking will be undertaken by the public and new laptops will be included in the top ten costs and expensive laptop of 2013. We will again meet in the next year with the same category and let’s see which laptop will rule over the top ten lists of 2013.
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