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Call free with your iphone

Get the best rates to call the world - now on your iPhone
  • Call mobile phones for free
  • Convenient, easy and free to download
  • Works even if you are not online (no WiFi needed)
Save tons of money - It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Simply open the free jaxtr application and use the Keypad or Contacts tab to call any friend worldwide. Jaxtr then places a call to the closest access number and completes your call for free or at our super low rates.*
Make free calls on the go - Yes, FREE!
If you choose the FreeConnect option at the voice prompt when you call, jaxtr texts your friend a local number to call in and get connected to you at no charge from jaxtr. FreeConnect is available to call over 50 countries.
Super Low Rates - No connection fee. No contract.
If you prefer to bypass the free calling process (especially for urgent or business calls), you will get connected immediately at our super low international calling rates. All you need is to purchase some calling credits online or on your iPhone for as low as $10.
*Please note: Your phone company normal calling rates still apply for the call to the jaxtr access number. The access number is displayed on your iPhone after you initiate the call.
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