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Are you worried your blog is taking the wrong approach to being successful? If so, then you have a valid concern. Blogging is not as simple as many people make it out to be, there is still a lot that you need to know about it.
What many bloggers think is that they write some content, publish it on their website, and then wait for people to read it. Now, this is not a recipe for success. What this is a recipe for wasted time and effort. Now, this is not the only thing that will kill your blog quickly, there are many other things that do this as well. Below you will see 5 things that kill blogs quickly and why I don’t want you to do this.

5 Things That Kill Blogs Quickly

Trying To Do Everything – Are you trying to do everything and getting nowhere? This happens to many people and the truth is they are doing too much. If you are trying to create content for your blog, build backlinks to your website, increase your Twitter following, create new YouTube videos, and spend time on Facebook with your fans, then you are going to be doing things halfway. What you need to understand is that you must divide up your time based on what is working the best and what is most important to you.

Purchasing Followers – If you are purchasing followers on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, then you need to stop. The problem with purchasing followers is that your readers will see that your numbers don’t look natural and that might play a role in whether they stick around of not. If you don’t have readers, then you won’t have anybody to blog to and this could turn into a huge problem. Do yourself a favor and never purchase followers.
Commenting In Bulk – I am a firm believer in blog commenting. With that said, I do not endorse commenting in bulk. By this I am talking about those people that submit 100 blog comments in a single day and then don’t do anything to build on that. Now, if you submit 100 blog comments in a single day and you do that for a month or longer, then this is fine. Yes, it is still a lot of comments but when you do it repetitively, it doesn’t look bad. Also, by doing this you will get your name and blog out there.

Blogging About Something You Don’t Even Know About – Let’s get something straight, if you don’t know about the topic of your blog, then don’t blog about it. I hate it when I go to a blog to try and learn something new and the actual blogger doesn’t even know what they are talking about. Don’t you hate this? I have been seeing this more and more lately and I think it is because of all those bloggers who are trying to build dozens of small niche sites. Just do yourself a favor and don’t ruin your name and waste your time by blogging about something you have no experience in.

Not Blogging – Blogging too much is one way to ruin a blog, but something even worse than that is not blogging at all. If you have been sitting around doing nothing and letting your blog go to waste, then you need to start blogging. Even if you write one long blog post per month, this is better than nothing.
As you can see, there is more to blogging than just creating some ok content and hoping people read it. You must take the time to cultivate a following, create impeccable content, build links slowly, and tweak everything about your blog as it gets bigger.
So, my question to you – Are you doing any of these things that kill blogs quickly?
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