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How to Add a Member to you blogspot


  1. Create a Account

    • 1
      Start a team blog at the home page (see the Resources section below).
    • 2
      Click on the 'Create Your Blog Now' link to open a new account.
    • 3
      Create a Google account by providing an email address.
    • 4
      Choose a password at least six character long.
    • 5
      Enter the display name that you want to appear whenever you post or comment on your team blog.
    • 6
      Choose a title for your team blog. Only one person can set up the initial blog, but you can come up with a name with the other people you will invite to join your blog.
    • 7
      Select the address for your blog that will precede '' in your blog's URL.
    • 8
      Choose one of the templates that provides to design the appearance of your team blog.

    Create a Team Blog and Add Members

    • 9
      Log in and go to the 'Settings' tab of your blog 'Dashboard,' and choose the 'Permissions' link.
    • 10
      Click on the 'Add Authors' link under the 'Blog Authors' label.
    • 11
      Enter the email addresses of the members you would like to add to the blog and click on the 'Invite' button when you are done.
    • 12
      Allow time for members to accept your invitation and set up or access their own blog accounts to join the team blog.
    • 13
      Know that once you add a member to your blog, he or she has administrator status and can make changes to the blog. You can change the status of a member by clicking on the 'Admin' link and changing that person to guest status.
    • 14
      Remove a team member by returning to your blog's 'Settings and Permissions' section and click on the 'Remove' link next to the member's name.
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