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iPhone 6 to showcase fingerprint scanning technology?

Advanced fingerprint-scanning technology will feature on the next iPhone and Apple’s first-ever smartwatch, an industry analyst claims, as the tech giant bids to boost its gadgets’ security credentials.
Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets claims to have been informed about Apple’s plans to verify users’ ID with fingerprint identification during clandestine meetings with top brass at component suppliers in China and Taiwan.
According to a research note White gave to investors and which was given the once over by Apple Insider, the fingerprint scanner is earmarked for what Topeka’s man calls "essential security purposes” and as an extra layer of security on credit card payments.
Interestingly, he posits that Apple will make the feature a key selling point of the handset when it lands later this year, suggesting that the security measure could be the so-called “killer software feature” that has been alluded to in recent leaks about the seventh-gen iPhone.
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