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How to Optimize Blogger AdSense

People who use Google’s revenue generator want to be able to earn income from the program, but without knowing how to optimize AdSense, they may be leaving money on the table. While other factors can contribute to the actual earnings, following a few simple suggestions can help increase your revenue from the advertisements on your Web site. Whether it’s changing the style of advertisements or incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) into your content, you can test these strategies to see how they affect your revenue.
Select the style of ad you want to use and test it


Consider the Position and Style of Your Ads

  1. Look at the styles of ads available. Some Web sites report better income potential from skyscraper ads measuring 160 x 600 pixels, from large rectangle ads with 336 x 280 pixels or from an inline rectangle using 300 x 250 pixels.

  • If you feel like you aren’t getting the result you want after a month, consider switching to a different style.
  • A skyscraper is a specific type of advertisement that places ads vertically along the side of your Web site.
2 Select the style of ad you want to use and test it. If you feel like you aren’t getting the result you want after a month, consider switching to a different style.

Optimize AdSense With Your Content

1 Plan your Web site’s content with AdSense in mind.
  • Google offers many tools to help its users improve their revenue. One of these tools provides information on keywords and the average amount you can earn from those keywords.
2 Write SEO content with higher-paying keywords.
  • This has the potential to increase traffic to your Web site and to garner higher paid advertisements for the ads displaying on your pages.
  • SEO content can include things not seen on the Web page, including the use of meta tags, robots.txt files and site maps.
  1. 3
    Gear your writing to your audience and not to AdSense. In order to maintain your traffic, you need to provide high quality information to your visitors. This will drive traffic back to your site, which can increase your revenue through increased exposure.

Utilize Research for Ad Design

1 Make your ads appealing to visitors. While you can’t control every aspect of the ads, there are some things you can do.
  • While the most popular link color is blue, you may find that more people click on the ads if you use a link color that matches the other links on your Web site.
2 Consider the impact of borders for your ads.
  • Some AdSense users recommend using no border around ads when you use a light-colored background. When you use a darker background, the consensus is to border your ads.
  • Additionally, using borders for in-text ads can distract visitors, while bordering ads on the sides of your page can draw positive attention to the ads.

Disable Onsite Advertiser Sign Up

1 Evaluate whether or not you feel this needs to be done. Some people prefer to disable it because it makes a negative impact on the advertising. Others don’t see it as a problem.

2 Sign in to your Google account for AdSense.

3 Go to “My Account.” This should be in the control panel.

4 Find the “Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up” and disable it. In most cases, you’ll need to uncheck the box next to it.

Add a Search Box

1 Gain revenue from ads that display when people search for something from your website. In most cases, the ads displayed count as part of your revenue program.

2 Log in at Google AdSense.

3 Find the AdSense Setup and go to AdSense for Search.

4 Customize your search box with design features like your logo or company picture.

5 Incorporate the provided code into your HTML pages. You can do this by cutting and pasting into your HTML and then uploading it to your server
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