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How to Get Twitter Account Verified

Twitter VerifiedWhen you sign up for Twitter, your account is not verified by default. To get a verified account, there are a few extra steps involved, and it can be a little tricky.
In addition to showing you what some users to to try and get Twitter verified, we’ll explore what a verified account actually is and what types of accounts should be verified.

What Is a Verified Twitter Account?
If you’ve already had some experience using Twitter, you’ve also probably noticed a blue checkmark badge next to a particular user’s name when you click through to view their Twitter profile. Lots of celebrities, big brands, corporations and public figures will have a verified Twitter account.
The blue verification badge is displayed to inform other users that the identity of the Twitter user is real and authentic.
Verified accounts help distinguish between the real identity of the account and fake accounts that have been set up by users who are not at all affiliated with the person or business.

What Kind of Accounts Get Verified?
Accounts that are expected to attract a lot of followers should be verified. People and businesses that are well-known and possibly prone to being impersonated on Twitter by others should be eligible for a verified account.

Skepticism about Twitter’s Verification Process
The blue checkmark verification program started in 2009. Back then, any user could openly apply for a verified account. Since that time, Twitter has phased out the “anyone can apply” process and now hands out verification badges on a case by case basis.
The problem we have now is that nobody really knows how Twitter accounts are actually awarded verification status. Twitter has refused to provide details on how they go about verifying the identity of the person or business of a verified account.
While most verified accounts are trustworthy, Twitter did have at least one incident where they verified the wrong account for Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch’s wife. Mistakes like this have definitely raised a few eyebrows around the web.

How to Get Your Twitter Account Verified: It’s Not as Simple as You Think
Now that you know a little bit about Twitter verified accounts, you should ask yourself whether or not you qualify for one. Twitter will not verify your account if you simply ask for one. Their goal is to verify as few accounts as possible, so only the biggest brands and public figures tend to get verified.
Next, you should read over Twitter’s official Help page for verified account information. This page includes most frequently asked questions on the subject, including some advice for users to help authenticate their account if they don’t qualify for a verified account.
Now, is there any action you need to take in order to let Twitter know that you need a verified account? The answer is both yes and no.
Some individuals have suggested sending a tweet or direct message to Twitter’s official @verified account expressing your need for a verified account. However, this account has only one tweet from March of 2010, so who knows whether or not the replies and messages are being read and monitored by Twitter staff.
You could also try sending an email to Twitter through their contact page, but don’t expect a blue verification badge to appear on your account the next day. Likely, Twitter receives hundreds or even thousands of emails a day.
Since Twitter closed it’s open application program for verified accounts, there is no real clear way for users to apply at the moment.

If There’s No Application Process, How Do Accounts Get Verified?
Some users have found that their Twitter accounts get verified automatically. Twitter has admitted that they proactively verify accounts according to the tweets, personality behind the account, number of followers they attract and how many other users may try to impersonate the account by setting up fake accounts.
In other words, Twitter doesn’t necessarily require you to be a big celebrity or corporation. If you have enough followers that your brand, image ore reputation could be impacted negatively by others trying to impersonate, Twitter may make the decision to verify your account without you even asking for it first.
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