How to search and book flights

  1. What is Flight Search
  2. Ways to search
  3. Enter your route
  4. Using the map
  5. Select and change dates
  6. Select your flight
  7. Save your flights
  8. Book a flight

Flight Search tips

  1. Use the filters and set limits
  2. Compare flight options for multiple destinations
  3. Compare prices across dates
  4. Change currency
  5. Compare similar flights grouped by airline & price

How to search and book flights

  1. What is Flight Search

    Flight Search is a feature to find flights that meet your needs easily. When you’re planning to travel, whether you have a specific destination with dates in mind or not, Flight Search can help you quickly find the best options for your trip.
    Here are some of the cool things you can do with Flight Search:
    • Review an easy-to-browse list of flights.
      We show a list of convenient flight options, making it easier to scan through flights and select the one you want. These results update instantly as you apply filters.
    • Explore travel options.
      If you aren’t sure where you want to travel, just type in your departure city and surf around the map to see ticket prices for various destinations. You can filter by price, airline, or flight duration.
    • Find the best deals.
      Look below the calendar to see our Lowest fares tool, which lets you see which dates will give you low prices on flights. Change the trip length or see if traveling different dates will nab you a better price. You can also add in any flexibility you might have on trip duration by changing the +/- flexibility option.

    We strive to include as many airline options as possible and are continually working to improve your Flight Search experience. We also strive to ensure that all information is accurate and current. If the price of a flight is not available, the price will display as Unknown on the search results page. Please verify all details, including itinerary and price, with your airline and/or booking partner before purchasing.
    When you type a flight-related search on like [ flights from San Francisco ], you’ll see the Flights link in the left hand panel under Everything. Click Flights to get started with Flight Search. You can also reach Flight Search by visiting
  2. Ways to search

    Flight Search makes it easy to find the best flight option for you in various situations.

    • Know when and where to fly?
      Let’s say that you'd like to fly from Boston to Austin next Friday for a business meeting and come back in time for your best friend’s birthday party on Saturday evening. Enter your destination and date information and review the available flight options. Flight Search automatically eliminates long or expensive flights to help you get straight to the best options for you. Sort your results by price to find the cheapest flight, or sort by departure time to find the earliest flight. You can also filter your results for your preferred flight times and airlines.
    • Exploring where to go on vacation?

      Suppose you want to know where you can fly from San Francisco next weekend, non-stop on your favorite airline, leaving Friday afternoon and returning Sunday afternoon, and for under $500. Enter your departure city, date information, and other requirements, and the map will indicate the destination cities that meet your needs with a solid red dot. Just hover over those cities to see the cheapest available flight for that route. Learn about advanced search tools to compare flight options for multiple destinations.
    • Searching for the cheapest day to fly?
      Quickly see the cheapest time to fly from Los Angeles to Miami in the next few months. Enter your destination and use the arrows next to the dates to flip forward or backward and quickly see how the results change from day to day, or use the advanced calendar view to compare prices over the next six months. Learn about advanced search tools to compare prices by date.

    Destinations for you

    When you're signed in, you may see suggested destinations, which are based on your Google Account to give you the most relevant results. If you change information in your account, such as deleting an item from your Search History, there may be a delay in updating these suggested destinations..

  3. Enter your route

    Choose a round trip, one way, or multi-city flight by clicking on the dropdown menu in the top left. Then, enter the city name (e.g., San Francisco) or airport code (e.g., SFO) of your departure and arrival locations in the adjacent fields. Press enter or click the suggestion that matches your desired location to select the airports. For multi-city flights, click Add a flight below your specified departure location to add more routes, up to a total of five in one search.
    You can also choose your destination by entering a general region like “Florida” or “Australia” and clicking a city on the map.
    To provide you with the most relevant results, Google attempts to automatically detect your location and sets it as your default departure city.
  4. Using the map

    Use the map to compare prices for different destinations, select a destination and see your travel route. Here’s how to do it:
    1. Go to
    2. (Optional) Search for a destination.
    3. Find the map and click Expand map.
    4. You’ll see a  and the lowest price on destinations.
      Get more information, like the number of stops and flight’s duration by clicking on a destination.
    Tip: Change which airports are included in your search by clicking + from the search box.
    To change your origin, click the arrow to go back to the search page.

    What the map symbols mean

    A city for a destination that’s related to your search.
    An airport for a destination that’s not related to your search.
    An airport for a destination that may be related to your search.
  5. Select and change dates

    Once you've picked your departure and destination cities, enter specific dates that you would like to fly in the two fields next to Dates. You can also click the right or left arrows in the field to adjust your desired dates. Flights with destinations outside of the US and Canada are supported for trips lasting up to 25 days.
    Learn about the lowest fares tool to compare flight options by date.
  6. Select your flight

    Once you’ve set all of your flight options, begin reviewing the flight results. Clicking on an outbound flight you’re interested in will float the result to the top with additional details, such as layovers, flight number, and plane type. To review other outbound options, click the X in the top right corner. If you’re searching for a round-trip flight, you'll also see a list of available return options beneath your selected departure flight. Click a return flight, and your flight itinerary will appear along with the price and a booking link when available. To review other flight options, click the X.
    Once you’ve found the right flights for you, you’ll see your total price and additional information like WiFi availability, baggage fees, and available cabin upgrades for your flights.
  7. Save your flights

    Compare flights and get updated prices across your devices by saving flights. Saved flights are grouped by their departing and arriving locations, so it’s easy for you to compare them. If the flight’s price changes, it’ll be struck out, and a new price will be shown.
    Sign in to your account to get started.

    Save a flight

    1. Open Flight Search, and search for flights.
    2. Select your flights.
    3. Click the  Save button below the flight’s price.

    View saved flights

    Click the  star to the right of your filters (Mobile: Click the  star above the destination box). If a flight’s price has changed, it will be struck out, and an updated price will be shown above it.

    Book a saved flight

    1. View your saved flights by clicking the star to the right of your filters (Mobile: Click the  star above the destination box).
    2. Click a flight to go to a page where you can review the flight's details and book it.

    Remove saved flights

    1. View your saved flights by clicking the  star to the right of your filters (Mobile: Click the  star above the destination box).
    2. Remove a single flight or all flights:
      • Remove a single flight by clicking the X in the upper right corner.
      • Remove all flights for specific departure and arrival locations by clicking Remove all.
  8. Book a flight

    Purchase a ticket

    When you've chosen your outbound and return flights and you’re ready to book, click the Book button to proceed to a website where you can purchase your tickets.
    If there are multiple booking website options for your flight, click the Book button and choose an option.

    Purchase multiple tickets

    If you would like to purchase multiple tickets for the same routes and dates, you can click on 1 adult to adjust the number of passengers and see an updated total price. Please note that when purchasing multiple tickets, the price per ticket may differ from the price for a single ticket, due to seat availability and airline pricing rules.

    Unable to Book?

    In some cases, you may not be able to book directly from Google Flight Search. Instead, you'll see booking instructions for the best way to purchase tickets at the price shown. For example, you may see the phone contact information for an airline to book via phone. Be sure to tell the operator the specific flights that are shown on the itinerary, noting the airline(s) and time(s), to ensure you receive the correct price.
    Note about your booked itinerary: For questions about your itinerary or to change or cancel your itinerary, please contact the airline and/or booking partner you used to book your flight directly. You can find information on your airline and/or booking partner in your email confirmation.

Flight Search tips

  1. Use the filters and set limits

    Use the filters below the Dates fields to refine your results, and your results will update instantly.Here are the preferences that you can specify:


    Use this filter to specify your preferred number of stops en-route to your final destination. The Any option is selected as default and may help you find cheaper options, but you can also limit your results to Nonstop, Up to 1 stop, or Up to 2 stops flights.


    Check the boxes next to specific airlines to see only the flights operated by specific airlines. Filter by alliance if you are using a mileage plan or are looking for all flights marketed by a particular carrier, including those that are operated by one of their partners. Filtering by airline will show flights operated by that particular airline, excluding any flights only marketed, not operated, by that airline.


    Narrow down your results by setting a maximum price for your flight. Drag the circle along the slider, and a message above the slider will indicate the current limit. The price filter can be set in $50 increments. Clear this setting by clicking Reset or dragging the circle back to the right end of the slider.


    Narrow down your results by setting a maximum travel duration for your flight. Drag the circle along the slider, and a message above the slider will indicate the current limit. The duration filter can be set in 30 minute increments. Clear this setting by clicking Reset or dragging the circle back to the right end of the slider.


    Click More to view filters to set departure / arrival times and specific connecting airports. Here’s how these filters work:
    • Outbound / return time: Filter flights to your preferred departure time and/or return time. First select whether you’d like to filter your flights based on your departure or arrival time by toggling between Dep. or Arr. Then, drag the semi-circles on either end to specify the time frame that you want to take off or land.
    • Connection: If you prefer certain cities for hopping on a connection flight en-route to your destination, check the boxes next to those connection cities to narrow down the flight options.
    You can click any column header of the search results panel and sort the results in ascending order by criteria such as price, time, duration and airline.
  2. Compare flight options for multiple destinations

    You can use the following advanced features to compare flight options for multiple destinations:
    • To choose specific nearby airports, click the marker for your origin/destination or click the + in the From/To field, and check the nearby airports that work for you.
    • To compare multiple locations, not necessarily near one another, you can also type up to 5 airport codes New window icon of your desired destinations separated by commas in the From or To field. The routes entered will show on the map and your search results will include all locations you’ve entered. Click the marker for each city on the map to see the cheapest price to get there.
  3. Compare prices across dates

    Once you’ve selected your airports, check out our Lowest fares tool below the calendar you use to pick dates. Each bar on this chart represents the lowest price for flights of a specified trip length beginning on that day, with the chart showing up to four weeks’ of flights at a time. To use this tool, first adjust your trip length by using the left and right arrows next to the current trip duration. Then, select your level of flexibility by using the arrows next to the +/- tool. As an example, if you select a five day trip, +/- 1 day, we'll search for trips of 4, 5, and 6 days for you.
    Hover over the different bars to see how moving your departure date could change the trip price. Once you’ve found a date that might work for you, click the respective bar to change your desired dates and see a full set of new flight options.
  4. Change currency

    You can change the currency of the displayed flight prices. This includes the flights in the result list as well as the map at
    Currently, we support the following markets:
    • US (US Dollar)
    • Brazil (Brazilian Real)
    • Canada (Canadian dollar)
    • Denmark (Danish Krone)
    • UK (British Pound Sterling)
    • Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands (Euro)
    • Norway (Norwegian Krone)
    • Poland (Polish Zloty)
    • Sweden (Swedish Krona)
    To change currency, follow these steps:
    1. Scroll to the top of the screen and select Change currency
    2. Select the currency of your choice
    Now your preferred currency is displaying.
  5. Compare similar flights grouped by airline & price

    When comparing airfares on busy air routes, you may see multiple flight departure times displayed on a timeline. Each timeline includes similarly priced flights from the same day, on the same airline.

    To compare flights from the timeline

    1. Go to
    2. Search for a flight and find a timeline. Timelines only appear on busy air routes with many similar flights.
    3. Click the black circle O to see more info about a single flight.
    4. Or, click anywhere else in the similar flights box to expand the full list of individual flights. You can click on a single flight to get more info, or click anywhere else to collapse the list of similar flights.